The Outdoor Lighting Brands of the U.S. Pole Lighting Company, Inc.

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  • Poles & Arms

    U.S. Architectural offers a vast variety of poles and arms. Structural integrity in steel and aluminum.
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Outdoor Lighting

With an ever growing product line of over 400 products, U.S. Architectural & Sun Valley Lighting can provide the expertise and craftsmanship needed to help you complete your Outdoor Lighting Project.

From Contemporary

U.S. Architectural Lighting is sculptural in silhouette, and is comprised of sleek, sophisticated lines, to present a design option for the contemporary cityscapes.

. . . to Traditional

Sun Valley Lighting's products offer a broad range of decorative luminare/pole/base components. Combined with our large selection of finishes, the end result is a lighting legacy and an icon for your city.

High Performance Low Maintenance Lighting


  • Razar LED Product

    Area and roadway luminaire that complements today’s architecture. Ultra high performance optics with outstanding thermal . . .
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  • Bollards LED Products

    Various lighted and unlighted bollard styles, designed to create visual barriers to vehicular traffic, or to delineate pedestrian paths.
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  • ColonialLED Product

    4 sided lanterns are a traditional look. Combine this classic elegance with contemporary optics and the result is the Colonial Lantern.
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  • US.Pole Co., Inc.featured on Made in America

    An excerpt from the cable show Made in America showing a segment on U.S. Pole Co., Inc. the parent company behind U.S. Architectural and Sun Valley Lighting.

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